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Our Vision

Our Mission

▪To produce world-class crystal chandeliers that satisfy all international standards of quality and design.
▪ We are custom chandelier manufacturers on a mission to project the fancy, sophistication and class of the Indian culture and tradition by lighting magnificent edifices and grand buildings in India and Abroad.
▪ To develop long term valued relationships with our clients through high-quality communication and responsiveness to their tastes and demands
▪ To bring beauty, warmth, elegance and class to millions of family homes in India and Abroad.

▪To become a Vanguard in the Industry of crystal chandelier manufacturers in India.
▪To become a formidable force in the Indian Manufacturing Industry particularly, amongst all chandelier manufacturers in India.
▪To become a global economic entity strongly reckoned with for promoting the Indian culture in good light and reputation in magnificent edifices worldwide.

▪ In essence, we are chandelier manufacturers who are on a mission to leave landmarks in our clients' lives, India and the World.


We embarked on our journey in the Lighting Products Manufacturing Industry two decades ago, and it has been a remarkable voyage marked by growth and unwavering commitment. Under the guidance of our Chairman and Director, Mr. Mohd. Dilshad, we have dedicated all our resources to pioneering research and intellectual exploration, continually enhancing and advancing the Indian lighting industry. Today, Litfur Crystal shines as a beacon of inspiration for chandelier manufacturers in Mumbai and sets the standard for chandelier manufacturers in Delhi. Over the course of twenty years, our achievements are eloquently demonstrated by our illustrious projects. Notable among them are the Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, and the Hotel Noor-Us-Sabah in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. These projects are a testament to our commitment to excellence in the field. As a custom chandelier manufacturer and retailer in India, we are dedicated to helping you transform your home decor. Our extensive range of products includes chandeliers of various designs and chandelier prices, available for purchase online. We are your go-to source for home decor and interior decoration solutions, offering a wide selection of decor lights and accessories. Explore our collection of room decoration items, including tabletop and decorative accents such as tables, consoles, accent chairs, trolleys, planters, globes, candle holders, lanterns, hurricanes, and photo frames. At Litfur Crystal, we are here to elevate your home decor, making it a reflection of your style and personality.




Litfur Crystal Lighting started the professional activity in India in 2001. Our head office is located in Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi. We are a professional lighting company that provides tailor-made lighting solutions for every project. Our extensive range of lighting products enables us to provide turnkey lighting solutions for all types of projects. Our Product range includes Decorative lighting (table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendant lamps, hanging lights, etc.), architectural, outdoor, landscape, facade, LED Lighting. Our Manufacturing Lighting Factory is located in New Delhi, and we also have an associate Glass factory in UP.


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Our Services

We are delivering beautiful
products for you.


We manufacture quality lighting materials that meet your demands for beauty and practicality through cost-effective means. We have our facility equipped with top-tier equipment and competent professionals and technicians; as a result of which, we are capable and empowered to meet your grandeur needs and massive orders.


You can check out our rich catalogue of quality lighting products and make the choice that suits your taste and purpose. You can order your decorative lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendant lamps, hanging lights and so on. You can also get architectural, outdoor, landscape, facade, LED Lighting from our online store and be delivered to your doorstep.


You dream it, and we make it a reality—we design Lighting materials to fit the internal architecture of homes, buildings and edifices. Give us your details and specifics, and we help you design it to fit your space while satisfying global standard tests of aesthetics and functionality.




We stand by quality service delivery that exceeds your greatest expectations. We never settle for less in delivering the best reality of our Client's dreams.


Every project is executed with new professional, ethical standards. From design to sales and installation, we are guided by honesty, fairness and integrity.


We are attentive and highly responsive to our Client's needs. We make constant efforts to foresee our Clients' aesthetic desires and produce the best versions of them.


We are not discouraged by the job’s challenges nor by the Client’s challenging demands and the space to provide the best of our services as we are famously known.


We treat every project with all hands on deck coordinated by an experienced and responsive management structure. Therefore, we believe in specialisation and ensure that the best specialist hands, including design, manufacturing, communications, sales and installation, are contributors to our service delivery.We treat every project with all hands on deck coordinated by an experienced and responsive management structure. Therefore, we believe in specialisation and ensure that the best specialist hands, including design, manufacturing, communications, sales and installation, are contributors to our service delivery.

"Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind" – Walter Landor.

Our Team

The Litfur Crystal Brand is a team of skilled and intellectual minds comprising uniquely talented and dexterous artisans, dedicated designers, engineers and technicians from all over India and beyond. Our team is a pool of masterminds invested in rigorous productive brainstorms to channel the firm's resources towards providing the latest modern technology lighting materials that excellently satisfy all globally recognised standards of craftsmanship and quality in the market. The beauty, elegance, wide appeal, and functionally characterise the Litfur Crystal Brand are the output of our team of artistic and creative thinking minds expertly trained to understand your customers’ lighting needs to provide innovative solutions effectively. Our responsive management structure is one of the founding pillars of our excellent client service delivery of products that suit the needs of our clients and the demands of the space.

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"Their chandeliers are the best. Had never expected this quality from an Indian manufacturer."

"Their unique collection is unmatched among all the competition. Litfur is the emerging brand in Indian Chandeliers."

"Mr. Dilshad is a man of his words. If he gives you time of 2 weeks, then he will complete order in 10 days."

"The beauty of their products is just amazing. I never expected this from an Indian Manufacturer."

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